Mar 8, 2013

WE GOT THE HOUSE! Den dreaming...

So excited to share that we got the house!  BUT everything has to go through with our inspection and of course we need to do an inspection at the new house too.  Selling and buying at the same time is an agonizing process.  The first time I was only buying so I didn't feel the pressure as much.  I know this will all work out but man, I am on pins and needles!

I have been thinking of what I might want to do in the new den...because you know that is much more fun that worrying about the inspection!  here are somethings I am thinking...

1.  Charcoal gray comfy sofa.  This is the Ektorp from IKEA.  Only $699 but I am still looking.  Thought the gray would be forgiving on lots of lounging and little hands.
2.  New Rug:  This is the mystic wool rug from home decorators.  I have loved my brown rug in my current living room from them.
Mystic Wool Area Rug
3.  New club chair or recovering the one I have in a fabric kind of like this.  This is the santa fe classic indigo from Calico Corners.  So basically deinm.  :)  Is denim out?  Again thinking this would be forgiving?
4.  And then accent in colors in some kind of oranges like this:
All About Orange Fabric Collection
I would like to find one with some gray in it too but you get the idea.  These are also fabrics from Calico Corners from their orange collection.  I really like complimentary color schemes...and anyone that knows me knows I am not a huge sports fan but there is something about blue and orange that reminds me of UVA, which my whole family loves and my Dad's alma mater that makes me smile.  Kind of like a little bit of home without hanging the pennant over the fireplace.
I love looking at Calico Corners for inspiration and then I go to Mary Jo's in Gastonia to actually make my purchases.  Waaaaaaaay cheaper and usually has similar things!
But again...we have to get through all of this inspection stuff...April 4th can't get here soon enough!

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