Oct 4, 2012

Tween Birthday Party Activity: Memo Board Tutorial

Compliments of my partner for Quite The Occasion, Theresa, I have a great tutorial for the adorable memo board craft we did for Hollins' 10th birthday party.
Theresa writes:
Making a memo board was the perfect activity for a 10th birthday party; it was inexpensive and fun!  Plus it made a great party favor for the girls!  Here are the easy step-by-step instructions:
Only 5 supplies are needed:

- 12x12 cork tile (got on sale for 50% off at Joann Fabrics - cost was .80 apiece)
- 16x16 piece of fabric
- 12x12 piece of quilting batting
- Glue (hot glue is a great option, but we stuck with tacky glue for safety reasons and it worked great!)
- ribbon

First you attach the batting to the cork tile with a little glue. 

 Then lay the cork tile, face down, on top of a piece of fabric:

Next, wrap the cork tile like a present using glue:

Turn it over and here is what it should look like!  Easy and quick!

 Next it is time to jazz it up with ribbon.  Cut a few strips of ribbon, add a little glue, and affix to the board.  I used this crisscross pattern:

Turn the cork tile over and use a little glue to attach the ribbon to the back of the tile:

Add just a scrap of ribbon to make a loop for hanging your memo board:

 We decided to then take a piece of 12x12 card stock scrapbook paper to finish off the back just to make it neat and tidy.  Once you do that, flip your cork board over and, wah-lah!  Here is the finished product!

That cute felt flower is actually a push pin - it makes the perfect practical accessory for your new memo board.  And it is super easy to make:

Just cut out a few fun shapes from pieces of felt, add a few buttons, sew them together, and a attach a flat push pin and there you have it!  At the party, the girls used tacky glue to create their pins and it worked just fine.

 How cute is that?  And each board cost less than $5.00 to make! 

I love the board that birthday girl, Hollins, created!  Those flowers are fun and festive and I love the fabric print!

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