Mar 17, 2013

Brick Exterior Color Scheme Ideas

Brick homes with dark roofs are easy to me...meaning dark shutters and then a fun accent door in almost any color you want.  I see them all over town and they look great!  But when you have a house like the one we are buying (everything worked out with our buyer so we are moving forward on our new house!  Praying nothing major comes up in the inspection!) it leaves you with a bit of a condundrum.

Our house has an orange toned brick and a very light brown roof.  I am not wild about the white shutters at all so I have been thinking about what to do.

The first idea I came up with isvery dark blue shutters and a red door.

I also paired the same shutters with a gold door.  This was from advice from the Behr website.

I also paired the yellow door with dark green shutters.  I don't like this as much in the picture but I think it is because I didn't go dark enough with the green.

I am going to take lots more pictures of the house at our inspection next week.  What color scheme do you lean towards?

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