Dec 26, 2011

Footprint Butterfly Art

Rudy and I like to give each other surprises for Christmas.  For me that often means giving him some kind of art or something made by hand.  This year I wanted to bring Reed into the tradition using his handprints or footprints in some way. 

I decided on a butterfly and here is the most adorable little butterfly we ended up with!

Here is the how to in case you would like to make one with your little one.

I decided to do it on water color paper rather than a canvas.  I figured if I messed up I could just get a new piece of paper.  That wouldn't be so easy with a canvas.  I also picked water color paper because I thought I was going to paint around his feet to make it look more butterfly-ish...I tried and that didn't turn out so cute.

I picked several colors of acryllic paint and a soft brush.

I took Reed's socks off and rolled his pants up...he has been kind of squirmy lately so I knew I had to work fast!  I also timed it right after a meal so he would be content.

I painted one foot and then the other trying to make each foot a little different from the other.

Then I stamped each foot on the paper one at a time making sure to do a thorough cleaning between feet - especially in between the toes!

The finished products looked like this:

I even put his initials on it so years from now everyone would know it was a Reed Baldwin Hayden original.  :)

Merry Christmas Daddy!

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