Feb 28, 2013

Come On St. Joseph...

Work your magic because we have found a house we LOVE!

Now it needs classing up a bit but it has so many great features...updated kitchen, bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, all hardwoods, storage out the wazoo, 2 car garage, big yard, etc. etc.


Wouldn't the beams in this room be so cool in a different color?  And the picture doesn't really show it but the fireplace is super cool.

We are making a contingency offer today and so hopeful that they take it!  March 15th is the magic day when our buyer's due diligence is up.  If we can make it to that then we are 99% going to close.

Again just putting trust into God that he will do what is best for our family...and I know it will all work out no matter what but I really hope this house is part of the plan!

~ Sarah

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