Jul 18, 2012

Adorable DIY Sailboat Picture Booth for Nautical 1st Birthday Party

My friend Theresa and I are styling a nautical 1st birthday party and part of the decor will include an adorable sailboat picture booth.  Complete with a bumbo for each baby to sit in and sailor hat to wear!  Can you think of anything cuter than a baby sitting in a sailboat with a sailor hat on?  I can't!
Here is our inspiration picture from the Parents website.  They have a series on a nautical birthday party.   We are borrowing a lot of these ideas for this party.  I will be posting all our projects up until the party to be held on 7/28.

Cardboard boat

Nautical theme birthday party

We are going to make a few changes though so it is more baby friendly.   Instead of two full boxes I was able to use some scrap cardboard from a local hardware store.  This way I could make a six sided boat very easily.

  The first thing I did was cut it down so it was only about two inches taller than the bumbo.

Then I taped the top edges and "seams" to make it sturdier.  The inspiration boat folded the box flaps down which would serve this purpose without having to tape them.

We are going to paint it so it looks like a weathered sailboat rather than so much like a box.  So far I have covered it roughly with watered down gesso to get the whitewash look.  I will add the finishing touches tonight.

Also instead of a Tyvek and painters tape sail as described in the inspiration project, we are using the same fabric we purchased to make runners for the food table.  $6 a yard outdoor fabric which is very sturdy and will hold its shape nicely. 

Here is the piece I was left with after I cut out my runners.

Not exactly what the inspiration boat called for...because I used most of the fabric to make the two runners, I was left with a very long piece of fabric. So rather than a short wide sail, I needed to make a long thin one.

In order to make a perfect triangle (or nearly perfect) I took ribbon from corner to corner to make my cutting line.

I cut it out and the next step is to attach two dowels to the sail so that it is "sea worthy"!

I hope to wrap up the boat tonight to share with you tomorrow.  All of our official photos from the party will be on Monday July 30th!


  1. Looking good so far! Can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. Thanks! This is going to be the cutest thing ever!

  2. Creating different photo booth props and crafts is also my hobby and me and my family enjoy playing and have fun with Photo booth.


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