Aug 7, 2012

At camp getting great ideas!

I am at MDA camp and loving it!  It is so incredible to see the campers really come out of their shells, bond with their counselors and just be kids.  At home they could be the only one who uses a wheelchair, the only one with leg braces but at camp they are with other kids that get it.

The week is full of camp activities that you would expect - swimming, canoeing, fishing, etc.  Yesterday though they had an awesome ace if cakes competition where each cabin got an 11x17 cake and all kinds of supplies to decorate it.  They had to win the supplies though which made it interesting.  There were some great cakes!  The "call of booty" cabin made a treasure chest out if their cake and were the clear winners.  How fun would that be for kids in 4th or 5th grade?

It is a great week so far.  Hope you are enjoying yours!

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