Aug 6, 2012

CHEAPEST Party Invitations EVER

I posted a week or so ago my design for Reed's birthday party.  I finalized the design and was pretty excited about my first attempt at creating a custom invitation.  It looks a little blurry here but the final product is clear as a bell.  I created the invitation in publisher and saved it as a PDF.  The printer was able to work with my publisher version though.  In order to get the bleed he had to move my document over to photo shop and actually print it on a larger sheet of paper.  Next time I will know to do that to save my guy the hassle.

I purchased blue invitation envelopes from Office Depot for around $7.  Want to know my total price?

I was able to print 40 invitations (2 per piece of paper) for $15!  $22 for everything.  When have you ever seen invitations for less than a dollar apiece?  I used my local International Minute Press which is on South Blvd here in Charlotte.  Very nice guys - Bob and his son Jeff.  I know that the other IMPs are pretty reasonable here in town too.  It is a franchise so you may want to check them out in your area too.

So excited for Reed's picnic in a park party!

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