May 29, 2012

A Cheery Little Deck

I had some fun yesterday getting our deck spruced up.  I purchased new plants, swept and rearranged.  Definitely a lot more cheery and inviting!

I can't wait to cook with the rosemary and basil.  When planting my new plants I added some new potting soil to the containers to give them a boost.

I typically grow these in containers all summer long. This year I hope I can transplant the rosemary at the end of the season.  I like to change up my colors each year.  This year we are going with red and blue.

By rearranging the pots and keeping them neat and tidy, it looks a lot more inviting.  I like to keep this ivy going in my larger pots.  It last from year to year and gives a more mature look at the beginning of the season.

Don't you want to come over and visit?  You are welcome anytime!

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