May 30, 2012

Blue Painted Bench

I have had this unfinished bench sitting at the foot of our bed for probably 3 years.  It was functional but not complete.  Everytime I would show people the house I would say "and I am going to paint the bench blue...".

Finally with a day off, I did!  First I sanded and primed it.

I wasn't too careful with the prime.  I think this gives furniture a more weathered look which I like.

Here it is in our room.  It is a great spot to put our pillows.  It does tend to collect things though so I need to come up with some additional storage in here. 

See Monkey's ears?  She cracks me up.  That is where she lays all day long unless she can find a spot in the sun.  That pillow is down.  What can I say?  She likes the finer things in life!


I love the color and now after looking at the bench for awhile I want to carry it to something else in the room.  Not that I like things so matchy matchy but you need a little repeat to tie things together.   I was thinking the lamps?  And get new drum shades?  This photo is washed out to tell but I am going to ponder that for awhile.  The paint was a sample I picked up for our bathroom which I didn't end up using.  I had the primer already so a free project!

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