May 28, 2012

Stars and Stripes

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Going to a party today?  Catching up on things around the house?  I will be doing the latter.  But will have our men and women in uniform and those that have served in the past in my thoughts.  It is an incredible committment to make and I appreciate everyone who makes it.

I like to see a star or two in home decor. It is a nice tribute to our flag and country.  Like the sweet house above.  What a slice of americana!  But even if you don't have the flag itself.  Stars always make me think of the good old US of A.

I had a couple of outdoor stars that I wanted to hang together on our deck. But because they were not the same I thought they needed some friends.  I put them in a gallery wall with some other iron pieces I had.  The largest one is a doormat and the smaller circles and rectangle are actually trivets from Southern Living Home.

This heaviest piece was hung with an anchor, the lighter pieces were hung directly into the concrete.  I am pretty sure this is not how I was supposed to do this.  But they are very sturdy.

I am loving my wall and being able to see all these pieces together.  So nice to see them when sitting on the deck. 

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