May 31, 2012

Welcome Home Prosecco - Homemade Gift Tag

We have met some WONDERFUL people in our neighborhood.  One of the great couples we have had the pleasure of meeting just got married.  They are in our neighborhood supper club and we have really enjoyed getting to know them.  Rudy and I wanted to welcome them home from their honeymoon so I left them a little treat on their doorstep. 
I like to save cards to make gift tags.  I do this mostly at the holidays but I save stationary note cards that can be used all year round as well.  I also save nice ribbon too from gifts to reuse.  I put this together for our neighbors. 

I just picked up a bottle of prosecco and put it on ice in this cute beverage cooler. 

Didn't cost a lot of money and a fun way to welcome them home.  Cheers!

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