Apr 12, 2012

Repurposing Store Bought Art Frames

My mother-in-law found these lovely children's prints at a yard sale for $2 apiece.   I think if I had a little girl's room, they might have worked but I was more interested in the frames and mats.  Repurposing frames like this is a great way to get decent frames for your photos without spending a lot of money.

The first thing I did was remove this hardware.  This slides up and down...I think it might have been a way to attach a ribbon?  Not sure.  Was happy to see that removing it did not affect the sawtooth hanging piece.

Then I took a pair of scissors and ran it down the space between the cardboard filler and the frame to reveal the framing staples.

I removed the art work and then put photos of Reed in.  Easy as that!  I would have backed the frames again using brown paper and glue.  But I wanted to leave it open in case I wanted to change the photos at some point.  Good thing too because after looking at this for a few days, I think I already want to make a change!  More on that later!

Here are the photos...I know I am partial but what a cutie!  My husband took these.  He is a great photographer.  www.rudyhayden.com

I hung them over our dresser in our bedroom.  I think I am going to hang more of just Reed's face in the frames on the right and get additional 8x10 frames to hold the photos of me and Rudy on either side.

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