Apr 11, 2012

Getting More Life Out of A Bouquet of Flowers

My exceptional husband, Rudy, was so sweet to send me flowers at work.  They were beautiful red roses and white calla lilies.  I followed all of the instructions to a tee - trimming the stems one inch, putting powder in the water and switching out the water three days later. 

When we came home from the beach, they were a little droopy and the lilies had bit the dust.  They were brown and the stems were completely soggy.

But I wanted to get more life out of them.  I probably could have saved the lilies if I changed out the water again before we left.  Oh well, at least the roses could be saved!

I divided them up and put two in this little bud vase by our bed.

I love how it is near our wedding photo...so cheesy I know!!!

I wish I had a low square vase so I could have put them short and bunched tightly.  I opted to go with the original vase but just to cut all of the flowers down.  Although not perfect, they will last a few more days.

I also bought some flowers today...more on planting later!

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