Apr 13, 2012

Backyard Redo - Plant Selection

Happy 7 months to Reed! Yay!

On to the post...Rudy and I are well on our way of getting our yard in shape.  Rudy transplanted a bunch of ground cover, I have planted some flowers and we have put together our plan for the back yard.  We have a need for some privacy plantings as well as flowering shrubs.  After doing some research at our local home improvement store we came up with the following plants.  Our yard is very shady so we had to stick with plants that had flexible light requirements or preferred shade or part shade.

Privacy "fence" - Emerald Green Arborvitae

Layered with several flowering shrubs like this Indian Hawthorne

And this Gardenia

And some Rhododendrons

I love Rhododendrons...you can just feel the coolness that they bring to the air as you get near them.  They cover the landscape in the mountains of North Carolina nestled at the foot of trees and the beauty is so calming.

I do need to identify some smaller shrubs to plant around our patio.  I like Juniper Shrubs like this one but they need more sun then our back yard will have.

So I am going to keep thinking on this one...perhaps there is another plant similar in look that can be used in part shade yards.

First we are going to put in our fencing and then get going on the plantings.  So excited!

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