Apr 24, 2012

Kitchen Organization Reveal - Part 2

I think Joy of Cooking really sums up my time spent in the kitchen.  I love to cook but disorganization was getting in my way.  This organized kitchen is not about everything matching...or everything with pretty labels.  It is about getting a space back to its true intent - to bring joy to cooking.

Here is a snapshot of my kitchen before I even decorated above the cabinets.

And here it is now.  It didn't photo well but it is very cheery!

My pantry cabinet is cleared out and not over flowing.  The green basket (dollar store find to replace the expensive ones from the Container Store) is full of Reed's baby food.

 This top drawer holds all of my cooking utensils.  Even our sharp knives are in there which gets them off of the counter.

Next is Reed's drawer.  His containers for food, coolers for milk, bibs and baby food freezer trays.

The bottom drawer holds our storage for food - plastic containers, foil, cling wrap, etc.  Also pot holders and kitchen towels.  These baskets from The Container Store were the perfect fit.

Above the stove we have snacks and cereal.  The baskets are holding open bags that would be all over the place otherwise.

I decided to open back up the corner cabinet to give the kitchen a more airy feeling.  Plus I love my Vietri dishes and wanted to be able to see them.

This cabinet is still not completely finished.  This did hold all of my cook books.  I opted to keep the ones I use the most on the counter and put the rest downstairs.  Now it holds my spices and cooking needs.

I am going to have my neighbor cut this melanine shelf from The Container Store to fit.  Then I will have a space to put this plastic caddy full of coffee and tea as well as other cooking needs on the top shelf.

This corner cabinet now has space for all of the gadgets and bakeware I seldom use.  The dog food is in here as well.  We buy in bulk and the big bag is downstairs in the laundry room.

Here are my pots and pans and baking dishes I use most often.  The lazy susan makes it easy to get to them.

The blender and steamer live below and only get pulled out when used.

Utensils - this drawer makes me happy!  I like how I can see everything!

My apron is hanging behind the refrigerator.  I did leave the toaster and kettle out because we use those daily.

So again, I didn't go crazy on lots of organizing tools but got just enough to make the space more functional.  It has only been a few days but so far so good!


  1. Love! I need to get more drawer organizers.

  2. My kitchen and dad,s truck are similar.

  3. Eek! SOunds like your kitchen needs some TLC!


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