Mar 20, 2012

Sentimental Ornament From A Magnet

When we travel, I like to bring home a Christmas ornament as a keepsake from the trip.  While in Zion, they had plenty of ornaments but they were sort of cheesy.  Like a big moose head with Zion written on it's scarf, a snowman, etc.  They did have some with the canyons but they really didn't look representative of the natural beauty if the area.  I probably sound like an ornament snooty snoot...I don't mean to be!  I guess I am just particular.  They did have some pretty ones of a wooden miniature nativity scene but that didn't scream Zion...or at least the Zion we saw.  On top of that these ornaments were $15 - $20...and I wasn't even wild about them!

So when I spied this little guy I was pretty sure I had a winner.

He is handmade (check!), reminds me of our trip (check! because we saw lots of ranches and horses) and was only $5.99 (check, check, check!).

The only thing is that he is a magnet but I figured I could make him into an ornament when I got home.

First I went through my box of old ribbons and came across this knitting yarn I purchased the one time I knitted. Secret...I was invited to a knitting night and made the mistake of drinking wine and couldn't knit very well.   Literally my needles were in a knot. Needless to say, I wasn't invited back. But I have found many uses for this yarn. I especially like to wrap Christmas presents in brown paper with and tie simple bows with this yarn for a natural holiday look.

But anyway I took a bit of the ribbon and wrapped it around his waist a couple of times to look like a saddle. 

I first tied a bow but thought it looked a little too cutsey. 

So I settled for this simpler look.

Can't wait to hang him on the tree and remember our first family vacation!

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