Mar 23, 2012

Yard Sale Tips

On April 14th, my neighborhood is having a neighborhood wide yard sale.  I can't wait!  It will be a good chance to purge some of the clutter in my house, be outside all day, make some money and chat with my neighbors.  Our Neighborhood Association is taking care of the advertising and signage, neighbors just need to put their things out on their lawn to sell.  Getting ready for a yard sale takes some work if you want to make some money.  I contribute to my neighborhood newsletter and included yard sale tips for this quarter's issue.  I scoured the internet and found 5 consistent things at numerous sites.  Since yard sale season is right around the corner, I thought I would share the tips with you! 

1. Price to sell and make sure every item is priced. Price your items for what you would pay for it used and indicate that neatly on the item with an easy to see sticker or tag. Cheap prices = sold items. Only brand new things with tags, still in the box, etc items can be priced at 50%-75% of the retail price and even that may be too steep for a yard sale.
2. Keep things organized and displayed neatly. Use tables and clothing racks to display your items so they are easy to see. Also, make sure your items are clean and in a gently used condition. They will sell better.
3. Anything is worth selling. If in doubt - put it out, you never know what people will buy.
4. Have a way for customers to double check if lamps, stereos, toasters and other gadgets work.
5. Consider selling lemonade, baked goods or bottled water as a way to make extra income the day of your sale.
Happy selling!

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