Feb 9, 2012

Review of Paint By Design aka a Paintin' and Drinkin' Evening

You know those places you go where a group of people all paint the same painting and you drink wine and chit chat?  When my friend Theresa mentioned going I thought it sounded fun but I will admit, didn't think we would create real art.  How could you when everything is the same?  But I loved that I went last night and was proven wrong.

We had a great time and everyone's painting turned out a little different.  Some were pretty darn good actually and really didn't look a thing like the original.

Here are a few photos of our painting progress and finished paintings.  I loved that Rudy gave me a "oh cool!" when I got home.  Isn't it funny that a compliment from your Valentine never gets old?

Everyone started with a blank canvas on an easel with several colors of acryllic paint, 3 brushes and water.  Our teacher went through our supplies and the basic rules - have fun, don't put your brush in your wine and try not to splatter paint on your neighbor.  The teacher was very sarcastic and quite funny...kind of Bridesmaids Movie kind of humor. 

Then we started by painting our yellow part...

And then we modulated it with orange, brown and white...

We flipped our canvas upside down and did the same with our blue...

Here is Ruthie's painting!

A close up of her flowers...I love the red one - reminds me of a happy tulip!  Her background is quite moody too which is nice.

Here is Theresa's...

Close up of hers - I liked how she put these on the bottom, little buds or seed pods sort of.  Her background looked awesome too.

Here is mine.  I liked my background and was almost hesitant to put the flowers on there.  I might just paint an abstract sometime of just the background.

We went to Wine and Design in the Dilworth area of Charlotte.  We just did a girls night out but you could do this as a fun birthday party, PG bachelorette shower, couples night, etc.  Check them out here.

Wine & Design | Charlotte, N.C.

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