Feb 10, 2012

How to Get The RSVP The First Time

I have come to realize that not all people RSVP...and it seems as though not many people host parties in their homes any longer or entertain regularly like my parents and their friends did.  I get a little peeved when people do not RSVP but maybe it is because they have never hosted a party that they don't realize how important it is?  Typically you always figure on 1/2 of people attending.  I bet that has been true at every single party I have ever had.  But sometimes people surprise you and you get more than half...if I didn't ask for the RSVP I wouldn't have known!

So I wanted to put together some clever ways of asking for the RSVP that may garner a better response.
  • "Regrets Only" - This always works if you really do not care how many people are coming.
  • "Holla Back if your're coming!"  Okay so maybe this is cheesy but it might get noticed.
  • "Do You Prefer Red or White? Please let me know by 3/15/2012" - This asks a question which makes them respond...would be nice for a dinner party or wine tasting party.
  • "Bring a appetizer/dessert to share" - Because the guests are responsible for bringing food, you know you will have enough.
  • Feeling Festive?  Please let me know if you are attending by 3/15/2012
Just some ideas...have you done something creative?  Be sure to share!

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