Feb 8, 2012

How To Plan A Party

It is nice to host a shower or party in a group.  You can share the cooking and the cost of the event.  However, if you are going for a unified look in the decor and table scape, it can get kind of tricky if everyone is bringing their dishes ready to serve.  Not only will things look disjointed, it could be hard to plan ahead with how much space you need.

Because I wanted to be able to plan well in advance for what the table would look like and what dishes I would need, I told my co-hosts that I would cover the serving dishes and decor.  I pulled out my china, crystal and silver and borrowed a table cloth and cake stands from my MIL. 

Also when I host a party here is my basic planning check list...all these years of event planning for the Muscular Dystrophy Association really lends itself to parties!

  • Determine Hosts
  • Decide on Theme
  • Determine Menu
  • Decide on Location
  • Determine Budget
    • Discuss ways to cut budget such as using cloth napkins, plates and utensils from home.  Creating the decor yourself, using budget friendly flowers, etc.
  • Divide up responsibilities per host:
    • Providing the Location, cleaning, basic set up
    • Food
    • Beverages
    • Selecting Invitations
    • Mailing Invitations
    • Keeping up with the RSVPs
    • Flowers/Decor
    • Serving Pieces, utensils, plates, silverware, glasses, cups and napkins
 I will fill you in on all the details on the party next week!  Looking forward to it!



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