Dec 1, 2011

The Help

I give this book two thumbs up - make that 10 thumbs up.  This was a wonderful book.  It was written very well and brought out some emotions and thoughts I didn't know were there.  Also, we talked for two hours about this book at book club.  It is always nice when a book brings out such good conversation.

The premise is a recent college grad of Ole Miss, Skeeter, moves home to Jackson, Mississippi and finds herself immersed in white southern society in the 60's.  The trouble is she is the odd girl out - she wants a career, she is not married and finds the way the help are treated unfair.  She wants to tell their story and befriends several maids to help her.  As you can imagine, stirring the pot during this tumultous time in our history can be dangerous.

I would definitely recommend it!

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