Dec 1, 2011

Christmas 2011...let's start some traditions!

This will be Reed's first Christmas and I am itching to get some traditions started.  Of course we will leave cookies for Santa, go to church on Christmas Eve, put up the tree, etc.  - but I wanted to have some things that Rudy and I didn't do as children that are special for Reed.

I was running some errands yesterday and passed by Park Road Books (you will soon learn that I live in a bubble surrounding Park Road Shopping Center - seriously everything I need is right there!  Work, home and daycare included!!).  Anyway, they had all of their Christmas books on display and I thought it would be a great tradition to pick up a new Christmas story each year.  They would be packed away and brought out as we began to decorate the house.  Over the years, we will have quite the collection I am sure.

This year, I purchased a touch and feel book called One Night In Bethlehem.  It is a sweet touch and feel book that I think he will love - especially next year.  I liked it because not only is it age appropriate for our little guy and we won't have to worry about torn pages but it is also about the story of Jesus' birth and the true meaning of Christmas.  To me this was the kind of book we needed to start with rather than one about Santa.

I wasn't really ready for Christmas yet but this has gotten me in the mood!  Let's decorate!

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