Dec 2, 2011

Welcome Mat Christmas Gift

For my brother and his family I made this cute welcome mat.  Here is the how to:

I purchased the straw mat at our local hardware store for about $8.  For people in Charlotte, I will give a shout out to Blackhawk Hardware.  Great place to find everything from tools to wedding presents and you can get free yummy popcorn daily. 

Here is the label with the brand name in case you want to find it online.

I then weaved some black and white ribbon through it to make it look a little more welcoming.  The ribbon is from Michael's and comes in all sorts of colors.

I started with the corner and left enough ribbon for one side of my bow.  Next time I will leave a lot more ribbon to make a larger bow.

I did one short section and then a long section to spice things up a bit.  I didn't really worry to much about making it even...when I got to a corner I just made it work with a diagonal section.  Here is the back.

I hope they like it!  .

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