Nov 30, 2011

DIY Recovering a Stool

This is the second part of my living room updates.  I can't wait until this project is done!

I have decided to recover a stool/ottoman that my Mom gave me.  It is Henkel Harris so it is high quality and not something I would ever want to paint.  The best way to update it is to change the fabric covering on the seat and I found some fabric that will be perfect for it.  It is a little busy so it is not something I would cover a whole chair with or use in window treatments.  Covering the stool is the perfect pop of the pattern without being too much.  I love patterns just as much as the next person but don't want to go overboard!

My Mom made the covering for the cushion that is on there in this before picture.  It is actually quite sweet in a pink and green but doesn't go with my new color scheme in the living room (olive, chocolate and yellow).  Plus since she made it, I want to protect it so it won't get ruined by dogs and little hands.  I would love to use it again some day.

I decided to recover it in a fabric that I picked up from Calico Corners.  It is called Lisbon Olive and I love it!  My Mom is going to make a pillow too and I am thinking about making a window treatment for the kitchen but not sure if that will be too much of a good thing.  I think I will see how I feel once the pillow is made.

There are probably a bazillion tutorials online on how to recover a seat and this is probably the simplest DIY thing you can do.  But I have done it before and it didn't turn out as good so I thought I would share what I did this time.

Here is the how to:

First I unscrewed the seat from the stool using a phillips head screwdriver. 

Then I cut my fabric around the seat to give enough fabric to staple to the bottom - about 3 inches or so.

Then I stapled the corners first at the point only followed by one staple on each side in the middle.

Then I pulled the sides in on each corner and secured with a staple.

All in all this took about 10 minutes including taking all of these pictures!  I love the finished product!  Now I can't wait to finish the living pillows, entertainment center and accessories.


  1. A Henkel Harris stool. That is high quality. I love what you added to it. The green fabric gives it a professional look.

    1. Thanks Mike! I still continue to love this stool. Your visit to my blog is much appreciated!



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