May 8, 2013

Old School CHEAP Stain Remover

Fels-Naptha.  Which is this cute old-timey bar of soap that you probably totally walk by at the store.

I have removed motor grease, grass, unknown random stains on Reed's clothes and more.

Look at this old ad from the Ladies Home Journal...oh how things have changed. 

I discovered it when I made the Duggars laundry detergent which I love by the way.  I decided to try it to save money and I figured we didn't need all those chemicals on us anyway.  Here is the recipe on a blog I found.  I made the dry version where I shredded the soap and mixed all of the dry ingredients together.

This is what it looks like shredded.

For stains I put the soiled garments to soak in warm water with a bit of the detergent.  I let it soak until the fels-naptha bits are soft.  For tough stains I let it soak for a few hours.  Then I take the bits of soap and wash the stained areas by scrubbing the fabric with itself.  AND THE STAINS JUST COME OFF.

Amazing.  I am the worst laundress so finding this soap that is so incredibly cheap was great.

I will at some point take more pictures of our house.  However I refuse to put any messy photos on here.  As soon as I have a moment to get things cleaned up, I will snap a few.  The kitchen table Rudy stained is gorgeous!

Have a good one!


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