Apr 23, 2013

Little updates - Gallery Wall, Room Arranging and Cabinet Removal

Happy Tuesday!
I have made some little updates to the house.  Sorry for the bad pictures...
1.  Finalized furniture layout in the den...for now anyway!  The TV is going to go above those IKEA bookshelves.  At some point we will get something better but for now those will hold the kids toys and are very functional.  I cannot wait until this  room is painted and we have our new sofa and chair recovered.  So blah now!  The new rug came yesterday!  I can't wait to put it down!

2.  Rudy removed the doors on the bookshelf to the right of the fireplace.  I like how it opens it up.  You can see what it used to look like below.

3.  Rudy removed the corner cabinet!  It is awesome the difference it makes!  The room is balanced again, it feels roomier and calmer visually.  Some might think I am nuts for wanting it out so badly but that was the first thing I saw in the pictures of the house online that just looked wrong to me.  And it was such a small cabinet that it really didn't hold very much. 

So here is the empty space.  The bottom is what we had before.  Rudy still has some work to do to clean up the vent. 

4.  I added a gallery wall in the back hallway.  There is a blank spot on the bottom left.  That is going to be for the new little babies footprints.  :)

I cannot wait until I feel more settled in this house!  Little by little!

Have a good one!

~ Sarah

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