Dec 5, 2012

Vintage Fondue Party

So I didn't get a good picture of my new wreath last night.  We went out with friends from the neighborhood and had yummy Italian at Portofino's which is nearby.  I love that we could walk there!  So I will have that tomorrow.  But Be sure to check out what we have going on at Quite The Occasion today!

I did want to show this cute photo.  My brother has been posting lots of old pictures lately on facebook from old slides my parents had.  Many were before I was born when they lived in Belgium.  My Dad was stationed there in the army in the late 60's.  I stumbled upon this photo of a fondue party my parents threw for some friends.  This was probably 1969 or so.  Look at the matching placemats and napkins, how she set the fondue sticks out so cute and even did name cards.  Also love that she took a picture! 

As if I didn't know already, I can see where I get my love of parties from!  Love you Mom!

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