Dec 4, 2012

DIY Paper Wreath Sneak Peek!

I posted some great holiday cocktail recipes over at Quite The Occasion today!  Be sure to check them out!

Have you ever been working on a project and realized half way through that there was a better way to do it but it was too late?  That was how this wreath went down.  However, I am glad that the finished project turned out okay.  I will be posting all about that tomorrow!

First I started with this paper wreath that I made this past fall.

I removed the bow and twine which left me with a nice brown paper "canvas" to work with.  Then I cut 1 inch by 4 inch strips of coordinating red and green (mostly green) scrap book paper.  I probably had 40-50 strips.

I started to glue each loop on one at a time using a glue gun layering them as I went.

About half way through I realized by looping them like this, I was using more paper and more glue.

So then I started placeing them like this which helped my paper go further and allowed me to use less glue.

I am going to show you the finished product tomorrow.  The wreath is hanging on my mirror in my living room and looks just lovely across from my whimsical mantel!  I can't wait to get our tree so I can tie in some of these colors into our tree topper and some ornaments or garland!

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