Dec 11, 2012

Making a Country Metal Tree Whimisical and Current

Do you have any outdated Christmas decorations?  I had this tree that I liked as far as its function but it seemed a little country and not really my style.

It is from the Southern Living Home collection and it is a great piece for your dining room table.  The first thing I did was paint it white using basic acryllic paint.

Then I sanded it lightly with sand paper to give it some dimension.

I was going for a whimsical look that would match my whimsical mantelpiece and wreath I made...

 I added some ornaments I had on hand in the color scheme.  Actually these are name card holders from Target about 8 years ago.  I have always loved them!

And cut out scrapbook paper "ornaments" tied on with yarn.

Have you updated any old Christmas decorations?  How did they turn out?

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  1. Cute! Amazing what a coat of paint can do! Got any suggestions for displaying Christmas cards that are out of the ordinary? I don't want to tape them to the doorway like my Granny used to ;)


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