Dec 12, 2012

Creating Your Own Christmas Card

Hi there!

This year I wanted to make my own Christmas card.  Last year I created this little birth announcement/Christmas card which I loved.  Very simple and sweet.

I had dreams of making them with cute ribbon and really getting crafty.  And then I got real.  I just didn't have time this year.  So I started looking online and found so many great ones.  But gosh they were pricey!  Since I have been having fun doing some design work with Quite The Occasion, I thought I would take a stab at creating my own this year.

Here is what I came up with!

Because I accounted for a bleed on all sides, they will be trimmed slightly.  I am excited to see how they turned out.  But the price!  So I am getting each card for ten cents...yes that means 10 for a dollar!  As opposed to one for $1.63.  I will have to get envelopes too but still!  The way this works is that I have my printer print 4 to an 11x17 page.  They charge .39 per page.  And they are being printed on this great paper that makes digital images really pop.  Awesome right?

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