Nov 14, 2012

Brown Paper and Glass Luminaries

I feel like I write about luminaries and candles a lot...considering I love them it is not surprising.  I am always looking for different ways to have candlelight at my parties.  I wanted a casual feel for the Chilly Chili party this weekend so I created these using glass vases, brown paper and raffia ribbon.  I can't wait to put them out!

I started with these basic vases/votives that look like flower pots.  Then I wrapped them with a square of brown craft paper and tied them off with raffia ribbon.  These are going to go outside around the railing on my deck.  I will also put around inside too.

Then for my front porch I created 6 large lumniaries using glass vases wrapped in brown paper.  I will put three on each side.

Here they are lit - pretty cool!

One of my favorite things about going to a party is the entrance and seeing the house lit up and ready to welcome visitors.  I think this is mostly true at the holidays.  When the house is inviting, bright and sparkling and is such a welcome relief in the cold night. 

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