Oct 3, 2012

Craft, Create & Celebrate! Tween Birthday Party Activities

There is so much to share with this party that it couldn't fit all in one post.  Today I want to focus on the activities.  There were 5 distinct parts to the party:
1.  A Welcoming icebreaker- when the girls arrived my sister placed Disney character names on the backs of their shirts.  They had fun asking questions to figure out who their character was while they were decorating cupcakes.
2. Cupcake decorating - We did this in my sister's kitchen and the girls had fun chatting and decorating.


We used hard candies such as lemon heads and Mike & Ikes, basic white icing and cupcakes.

3.  Crafting - All of the kits were preset before the girls arrived.  A full tutorial on how we made our bulletin boards and felt push pins is coming.

We had lots of fabric the girls could pick from that coordinated with the flower theme.

Here is our sample board and pin created by Theresa:


And here is a finished board and pin.  Too cute!

4.  Snacks, Shirley Temples and Presents - we made the Shirley temples with ginger ale, cherries and grenadine.  Basic recipe that was delicious.


5.  Outdoor games until the parents arrived. My sister lead the girls in a fun game of spud for the last part of the party.  The girls loved it!

I love this photo!  What a sweet group of girls!

By the end of the day, they were all wearing their napkin rings as bracelets!

Even Reed joined in on the party fun!

It was nice to be able to spend some time with my Mom as well who helped me with the crafts and finishing touches.  

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