Oct 12, 2012

DIY Inspirational Quote Coasters

At my full time job, I focus my time on staff development and training.  I was gathering a group of our staff together and wanted to give them something that was meaningful yet practical.  Considering I had a $0.00 budget, I knew I had to get crafty.  In preparation for the meeting I asked each participant to share their biggest accomplish so far with their time with MDA (the Muscular Dystrophy Association).  I took those accomplishments to hand select a quote for each of them.  I presented their tile to them and shared their story at the beginning of the meeting.  It was really special and they loved it!  Here is the how to:

First I created 4x4 black and white images in publisher, placing the verbiage in the center of the tile as you can see above.

Then I printed them out on white card stock paper and cut them to the edge using a paper cutter.

Next I glued them on with mod podge and a paint brush. 

I really loaded it up to create a nice thick protective layer to withstand condensation from a chilled beverage.

Here is the semi finished tile.  You can see how nicely they dried.

To finish them off and to prevent scratches on a tabletop, I placed 4 of these felt pads on the back of each coaster.

This was a great (and inexpensive) recognition project for our team members.  It can easily be done with Christmas Carol lyrics for the holidays, scrap book paper, in color, different fonts - you name it!

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