Oct 2, 2012

Craft, Create, Celebrate! Tween Birthday Party - Theme Concept

When my sister asked Theresa and I to style my niece's 10th birthday party, we were so excited!  This was our first girl's party and we couldn't wait to get started.  When we interviewed Hollins we learned quickly that she wanted a party where she and her friends could have fun, get crafty and enjoy her favorite drink - a Shirley Temple.  A tall order, but Theresa and I were up to the challenge.  After some thinking - the Craft, Create and Celebrate theme was created and we got to work.

First I designed the invitation based on a cute skirt pattern Hollins had that she loved.

From there we ran with the flowers and put them everywhere!  Here are the adorable felt flower and button napkin rings and place cards Theresa made.  Hollins wrote the names herself.  

Does the bunting look familiar?  We re purposed this from my neighborhood block party.  It matched perfectly and gave everything that crafty look.

Claudia's cheery front porch was decked out in bunting and balloons for the big day.

I made this custom sign with a piece of Masonite board, scrapbook paper, ribbon and mod podge.  It was a great way to welcome guests.

My present to Hollins was this sketch book that her friends signed. 

Theresa made this sweet felt flowers that we put all over the house in a few of my sister's vases.

I made this "H" using cardboard and yarn.  The girls said it was "the coolest H they had ever seen!" 

Theresa created the felt flowers that I glued on with a hot glue gun.  I will include the tutorial for the flowers and the H in another post.

I created these candy bowls using the school yard paper game.  The girls used this candy to decorate their cupcakes and it added some nice decor to the kitchen table.

My niece is in the orange top working hard on her cupcake.

Hollins got to have her Shirley Temples and the girl's loved the straws. 

We set up Claudia's back deck for the craft area.  More bunting and balloons!

I created the polkadot runner very simply with one yard of fabric cut into three separate strips.  I left the edges frayed  to coordinate with the crafty bunting.  I will probably finish them and leave them in three separate pieces so they are more versatile to use on dessert tables for other parties.

The Shirley Temples were a big hit!

The cupcake stand was created using plates and candle stick holders from the dollar store.  It was the perfect centerpiece for this party!

It was a great party!  Hollins loved every aspect and my sister was so pleased how it all turned out.  Several girls told me that we just had to do their birthday parties too.  So hopefully we will have some other opportunities to create special occasions in my hometown.

Here is Hollins crafting away!  She loved her party!

More on the menu, the craft how to and activities in other posts!

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