Sep 18, 2012

Picnic In The Park - 1st Birthday Party Theme and Printables

When I started planning Reed's birthday, I knew I had to find a large area where all of our friends and family could gather for the special day.  Although ideal, our home just isn't an option.  So the great little park just down the street from us was a perfect option and the "Picnic In The Park" theme was a sure thing.

I put together this invitation using primary colors, simple shapes and a pinwheel font.  It is amazing what you can make with some circles, lines, trianges and rectangles!

From there, Theresa created several great printables using the truck and bunting images I created on the inviatation.

I loved that she used simple nametags  for the bag easy and reasonable!

We also created these labels for the snack mix bags to let guests know which ones were peanut free and sweet and salty.

We were able to take the truck and bucket logo and use it below in the banner as well.  I loved how this turned out!  I think I can use it in his big boy room.

More on the menu tomorrow!

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