Jul 19, 2012

DIY No Sew Table Runner

I didn't get as far as I wanted on the sail boat last night...this is how I left it.

Hi Monkey!  I put another layer of paint and let it dry.  I am going to add a paper scalloped border along the top and paint portholes tonight or this weekend.

In the mean time I started working on the runners we will need for our nautical party.  We are creating two out of red, blue and white striped outdoor fabric.  The same fabric will be used on our sail so that they coordinate.

I cut the fabric the length I wanted - two yards.  The great thing about making runners yourself is that you can make them any length. 

Next I used stich witchery to hem the edges of the runner.

I did the long sides first and then the short ends.  As you can see I was left with a bit of over hang.

So I just snipped that off from the other side.

This gave me a nice clean edge.

We are going to be adding rope or some kind of nautical detail to the edges for this party.  Stay tuned for the final look after our big reveal!

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