Jul 20, 2012

Adding Trim to Sailboat Photo Booth

On Wednesday I wrote about the adorable sailboat picture booth I am making for a nautical themed birthday party.  Theresa and I are styling this event and can't wait to reveal all the photos!

I am not finished yet but did add the trim last night.  This is definitely a project that takes longer than you expect it too!  As a reminder, I am adding the trim because 1. it will look cuter and 2. to cover up the painters tape I put around the edges to make it more stable.

First I cut red card stock in half lengthwise.  Then I took a glass to made my scalloped edges.

I cut out one as a template and then created a total of 8 to wrap around the boat.  I had to cut some smaller pieces to fill in the gaps.  I used tape to attach it.

Here is the boat with the trim.  This morning I noticed that some of the pieces were starting to pop off so I am going to back with glue.

Stay tuned for the finished boat after this weekend!

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