Feb 2, 2012

More Living Room Tweaks - added end table and World Market Find

I was so excited when I went into World Market and discovered a whole line of pillows that match my brown/olive/aqua/yellow color scheme.  Yay! 
 And a bonus is that they can be unzipped and washed!  I picked the mosaic lumbar toss pillow seen here because the shaped was different from my other pillows but many they had would have done well. 

Mosaic Lumbar Toss Pillow | World Market

Here it is close up and on my sofa.

(note to self, get better at taking photos and learn how to take care of a bonsai tree...)

other pillows they had...

Floral Burlap

Floral Burlap Lumbar Toss Pillow | World Market

Floral Fanfare

Flower Fan Fare Toss Pillow | World Market

Ribbed Solid Pillow with Button - blue would be perfect and only $12.99 - may go back and get this one!
Ribbed Solid Pillow with Button | World Market

I also added an end table in the living room.  I bought this several years ago for only $20. 

Debating on some new curtains...and a few more things to do to this room but it is coming together really well!

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