Jan 4, 2012

Hands Down Best Garlic Press Ever

Since Rudy and I have been married we have gone through 3 garlic presses.  This is so strange to me because my mother still has the same one she got in 1975 probably.  I don't know if was really 1975 but a long, long time ago.  Garlic presses are necessary but a little bit of a pain to me.  You have to have really strong hands to press the garlic properly and then you have to scoop it out of the holder with each clove.  The last press we had fell apart and cut my hand.  It was ridiculous...if I am going to cut myself in the kitchen it needs to be on a knife not a garlic press!  I now currently have the best press thanks to my sweet husband Rudy.  No way it can fall apart or cause any minor accidents.  Unless I decide to throw it at someone - just kidding!

It is made by Joseph Joseph and it is all one piece.

To use it you put the clove on your surface and rock the press back and forth over it until it comes through.  And you don't have to clear after each clove, you can just keep going one after the other.  Then you just scoop it out and put it in your recipe.

It's the little things in life right?

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