Jan 18, 2012

BumGenius Freetime Diaper Review

I was so excited to see that a local shop in Charlotte, Milky Way, had the new Bumgenius diaper in stock.  When I first saw the Freetime diaper I knew I wanted to try it.  It has all the great features of the 4.0 AIO that we love but there is no stuffing required.  Using our 4.0's is very easy and laundering them is no big deal but how nice to not have to stuff a few!  It works just as well as our other BGs and eventually I am going to replace all of our Oh Katy's with them.  Some people love the Oh Katy AIO's but I don't feel like I can get a good fit with them.

Here is the new Freetime from the outside - same great features as the BG 4.0.

 Inside there are two flaps that you fold down.  This ensures that the diaper will dry quickly.  I was told you can roll one side to make it more absorbent for little boys but it worked just fine folded down as shown.

I typically dry our diapers in the dryer but the flaps unfold to make it very easy to line dry.

Just another diaper laundry day at the Hayden House!


  1. Perhaps I will pick up some pink ones now! :). Let me know if they work just as well.

  2. Sarah, I'm unsure as to the best way to contact you (I just googled "cloth diaper child care Charlotte") but my family- myself, my husband, and my 6 month old son named Reid ;) -may be relocating from Asheville to Charlotte soon. I'm wondering if you may be able to email me; I'm looking for resources in the area.... marypembleton@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you. Thanks!


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