Jan 16, 2012

Bedside Perch from Tacky Gold Sconces

I came upon some free gold sconces.  I wish I had a before photo of them...but they were GO-OLD, very ornate and similar to this...

I am not sure what I would put on them the way they were...maybe large vases?  If I were the large vase on a gold sconce type of girl but I am not.  They were quite large - almost like little tables - that I thought they would be perfect in my guest room.  The bed in our guest room is in a little nook due to a very long boring story on how the walls had to be configured to meet code.  But the nook is awesome and makes the perfect place for a bed.  Although charming and cozy, it doesn't leave much room for bedside tables.  I thought these might be the perfect thing for guests to place a cup of water, reading glasses, phone, etc. on.

So I painted them white and my husband just hung them this weekend.  I think they turned out pretty cute!


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