Dec 22, 2011

Starting A Book Club

I am in two book clubs and LOVE them!  I joined one and about a year laterI started another one.  I had several friends that wanted to be in a book club but my original group was just the right size.  I started mine with some friends and girls I knew in the neighborhood.  I love it - it is a chance to read books I wouldn't normally read, meet new people and connect with friends on a different level.  We have read some books that were great, some that were not so good and a few in between.

Typically we meet on a week night around 7:00 and wrap up at about 9:00.  My original group meets on the same day each month that way we can plan ahead.  The host of the meeting that month picks the book and provies wine and snacks - sometimes dinner.  We chit chat until about 8:00 and then discuss the book.  If it is a good book, we talk till 9...if it bombed we usually nip the conversation in the bud and go back to chit chat.  The evening wraps up by picking the next host.  Within a few days after the meeting the host for the next meeting sends an email to gather dates.

Thinking of starting a book club?  Here is what I did that I think helped to establish our group successfully.
  1. Reach out to 10-15 people to see if they are interested.  That way you will have 7-10 people join the group.  
  2. Invite a variety of people and encourage those you invite to bring a friend, that way you will have a diverse group that doesn't already know each other.
  3. Invite people that are readers - it isn't as fun if not everyone reads the book.
  4. Pick a really good book to start with.  I started with The Help - awesome book and we talked for two hours about it.
  5. Serve good snacks and wine :)
I am going to begin posting our book reviews on this site...stay tuned!

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