Dec 21, 2011

Handmade Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards can be quite pricey...but they are adorable.  I love receiving them and seeing the pictures of the children I know throughout the years.  I especially like it when there is a picture of the whole family. 

This year we decided to combine the birth announcement and Christmas card into one.  Because we were announcing Reed, we just did a photo of him but going forward we will do the whole family.  Also I decided to make them myself.  Which although time consuming, turned out really sweet.  First we took the photos of little Reed.  Here are some of the best shots.

We decided on the top one because he was laughing and looked so happy.  I printed the cards using publisher - 4 on one page and then cut them very carefully using a large paper cutter.  I only did one sheet at a time to get an even clean cut.

After Merry Christmas!  I drew in a little red heart.  Then I punched two holes at the top to create my "bow".

Then I took ribbon pre-cut into three inch strips and thread it through the holes with the loop in the front of the card.  Your ribbon will naturally curl a little bit because it was on the spool.  To ensure that the sides of your bow lay flat, start with the ribbon curling up and then thread it through.  That way when you pull the ends back through they will lay nice and flat.

Then you take one side and feed it through the opposite hole and vice versa.

Then I glued the pictures onto the card.  I used a basic glue stick and a cloth to smooth down the photo.  This is good to remove any smudges as well. 

When you are done you have a sweet card like this!

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