Dec 30, 2011

Plein Air Painting in West Jefferson, NC

One of the greatest things about Plein Air Painting is that you can combine it with travel.  We took a trip to West Jefferson, NC and stayed at the River House Inn and Restaurant.   If you are in the area, you should definitely stop by - even if it is just to eat in the restaurant.  The food was incredible!  It is nestled in a valley and has access to scenic views, hiking trails and a nice stream for fly fishing.  Of course that was the draw for Rudy! 

You can learn more about their accommodations, rates and availability at their website at

We stayed in an awesome room right off of the main house.  It had a nice big tub that was perfect for relaxing.

Those little cupboards were used by the previous owner during prohibition.  He used the room as a speakeasy and his customers kept their spirits there.  They each had their own individual locker.  I love the stories that so many older homes have.

Our room had a little porch too which was a nice place to relax. 

The Inn is filled with wonderful art.  All of it original and collected by the owner.  This is the dining room which has some wonderful pieces.

Well of course I had to do some painting there.  This is the front porch of the Inn.  It is a little guy but has strong colors.  It was making a happy bright home on my bookshelf but like most of my paintings I gave it away as a present.  Merry Christmas Aunt Fran and Uncle Dick!

I painted this one of the house itself.  I sat in the big grassy lawn out front in the sun and it was just lovely.  I feel happy just thinking about soaking up the sun and creating art.  After I painted it I found my way to a chaise lounge and took a nap!  I am not too wild about the tree on the right...but I like the way the house turned out.

Rudy and I hope to get back there again.  Maybe this summer for their wine festival.  I could definitely relax in one of their chaise lounge chairs with some wine!

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