Dec 31, 2011

New Year's Eve - Anti Resolution

I am not making resolutions this year.  Every time I make them I don't do the things on my list.  For my 30th year, I was going to paint 30 paintings.  I painted 5.  I was going to start running, go to church every Sunday, be a better person.  Hmm...didn't do those either. 

When I look back, maybe I didn't accomplish those things but I did accomplish others.  I didn't paint 30 paintings, but I painted some and I got creative with other projects that brought joy to me and others.  I didn't start running but I have fallen in love with Jazzercise.  Yes, I know the 80's workouts our Mom's did but it is AWESOME!  I don't go to church every Sunday but when I am there I am moved and learn something about myself. 

What is being a better person anyway?  I don't know if there is an exact definition.  I slip up sometimes like we all do but I try harder the next time and keep golden rule in mind.  That's all we can ask for right?  So there will be no resolutions this year...just keeping on with the regular stuff and doing what I can when I can to be creative, bring joy to others and keep myself centered.

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