Nov 15, 2011

The Kitchen House

I give this book two thumbs WAY down.  This was only one step up from a cheesy Harlequin romance. 

I will say though that the other girls in my club liked it.  So I may be the odd one here.

The basic gist of it is that a young girl is adopted by a plantation owning family in Virginia.  She finds her home with the slaves and lives in the kitchen house.  Back then, kitchens were not part of the main home because of fires.  She forms an incredible bond with them and then think of her as their own.

The language was very descriptive and let me "see" what life was like back then.  But that is the only positive thing I can about the book.  Anything that could go wrong with this family, does.  There is child abuse, there is drug addictions, and alcohol and physical abuse.  Not to mention all the atrocities that are happening to the slaves.  It was a regular soap opera set on a plantation.

If you are looking for drama - pick it up.  If you are looking for elevated reading move on.

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