Nov 20, 2011

Animal Silhouette Nursery Art

When I was thinking about how I wanted to decorate my son's nursery, I went online to find inspiration.  I stumbled upon this photo of a Dwell Studio nursery and loved the animal silhouettes.  But the colors weren't really my thing so I decided to take the idea of these and to create my own.
Since I had decided to decorate the nusery in blue and yellow I went to Michael's to begin my project.  I purchased several coordinating scrapbook paper sheets in blues and yellows.  Then I went online and found silhouette's of animals and printed them out.  I traced the animals on cardstock to make a template and then got to work on cutting out many animals.  I painted a plain canvas yellow with acryllic paint and then glued the animals down with modge podge.  After it was dry I went back over the canvas with varnish to seal the deal.  

The next project was to create these four pictures using the same process but backing them with opposite scrap book paper.  I got the frames at Michael's for around $6, so all in all a very inexpensive and custom way to create nursery art! 

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