Apr 14, 2013

Our House! The beforest of the before photos...

So this is pretty much how we have been living for the last week.  I did finish two rooms today and a hallway which I will show you later.  I had to stop to take photos so it would make my "after-ish" photos look better.

Overall Rudy and I are overjoyed to be in this house.  I am expecting again and this has the room we need for our growing family now and for the long haul.  From pre-school to college...we should be set!

Alright so on with the tour:

Here is the front porch after we moved in with our flowers.  The owner came and took those large planters today.  

The front needs some upgrades like dark shutters, new wooden storm door, new mailbox to replace this lovely thing and a new light fixture.

We will probably paint the front door but not sure on colors yet.

The front foyer...the light fixture has got to go!  Wow!

Living room.  Amazing how much more light there was just by taking down the heavy drapes the former owners had.

Dining area - I want to remove that side cabinet.  It sticks out like a sore thumb to me and it really doesn't hold much.

The dining and kitchen used to be separate but the former owners opened it all up which is nice.

off of the kitchen is the family room.  Lots of potential here!
We loved the fireplace!  We had a fire here the very first night.

Scary old hallway off of the den that takes you to the bedrooms.  If you go left you are back in the foyer.  Just to the right is the first hall bath.

This is the first bathroom and one of the three spaces that is done!  I need bath rugs but other than that it is finished.

The first bedroom is the guest room.  Do you like the orange walls? 

Next you would come to Reed's room but he was napping when I was taking these pictures so I skipped it.  That room has turquoise walls!
Okay then you hook a right and here is the second hallway.  This space used to be the master bedroom.  The doors you see where closets in the master and the master bath.  They took this space and made it into a hallway, hall bath and small bedroom.  Then they added on the master suite in the very back of the house.

This is the former master bath which was upgraded nicely.  I have to keep my toliet paper on the sink so Reed doesn't get to it!


Here is the small bedroom I mentioned.  Not only are the walls red and gray but yes, that is a big skater dude you are looking at.  Their son was really into skating...that along with the wallpaper will be fun to remove!

There is a nice closet system in this room.

Here is the master bedroom they added.  We love it!  I told Rudy I feel like we are sleeping in a hotel!

 It has a deck off of the back which connects to the back patio.


Here is the master bathroom.  I was sold on the tub!

Here is the back patio.  That covering is TERRIBLE!  I cannot wait to figure out what to do instead.  Obviously at this time of day it doesn't even provide shade over the entire patio.  We are going to leave it this year so we can see what it is like in the summer.  I have a feeling heat is just going to be trapped under it. 

Here is the garage.  Two hours before I typed this up our garage door totally busted and is currently lopsided and unable to close.  Comedy of errors!  Hopefully we can have someone look at it tomorrow!

There are steps to the right that lead back to the laundry room and kitchen.

There is a closet off of the laundry room which definitely could be used more effectively.

So it has been fun getting settled and we still have a long way to go.  Can't wait to share the progress...and have progress to share!

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