Apr 3, 2013

Getting Negative Energy Out Of A House

Our new house!

Okay so this is sort of a weird post...but I just had to look into this.  The house we are buying is great.  But sadly we have learned that the couple that lived there is going through a divorce and a messy one at that.  We know waaaaaay to much about this couple and what the last few years of their marriage has been like.  Let's just say their realtor did not take confidentiality seriously as he was representing them.

And I have met them several times.  They were there when we first toured the house, the second time touring the house and the inspection.  Which didn't bother me at all.  Actually I thought it might work in our favor when we wanted them to accept our offer.  Thought  they might want to sell to a young family starting out.

But I digress.

So I just sort of feel like it is still there house.  And that their issues could still be lingering.  Is that weird?  So I did some research.

How to clense your home of negative energy compliments of yahoo:

1. Set out small bowls of vinegar in every room of your house. Use white vinegar in the bathrooms and apple cider vinegar in the bedrooms, home office, living room, dining room, kitchen, garage, attic and basement. Keep the bowls away from children and pets. Let it sit out over night or for at least 6 hours.

2. Make or buy a bundle of dried sage or sweet grass. It needs to be at least 6 inches long. Light the bundle on fire and then blow out the flames. Let the smoke cover everything in your house, including closets and doorways. Use a bowl or flat sea shell to catch the ashes as you walk around. When you're finished leave the windows open for a few hours.  One site said to chant this while burning it "I see only pure reflected light, I am ridding this home of all bad luck and negative energy. O Blessed Be"

3. Leave a bowl of water outside in the sun for 3 hours. It needs to be in full sunlight, the more the better. Take a bundle of fresh basil leaves (any kind will do) and use to sprinkle the water on your window sills, doorways (all of them), fire place and anywhere else you would like.

4. Hang sachets of herbs in your house where there is heavy traffic to prevent negative energy from accumulating. A few suggestions are cloves, dill, dragon's blood, lavender, violet, thyme, bay leaf, chamomile, cinnamon, cedar, pine, eucalyptus, myrrh and frankincense. You can also use these in your drawers and closets to make them smell good.

5. Vinegar can be used to erase negative energy. Letting it sit out is one way but you can also clean with it and have the same effect. Use one part vinegar to three parts water. Clean your floors, walls, windows and surfaces.

6. Leave out bowls of sea salt which neutralize negative energy. You can use the salt in a vase and then add some pretty flowers. The salt will help them stand up and look like a nice floral arrangement. You can also mix in some dried herbs or pebbles. Change the salt once a month. Discard of the salt by throwing it outside in a place where children or pets cannot consume it.

We can't wait to move in to our new home! Tonight is the last night in our current house, tomorrow is moving day!

Hope you are having a good week!

~ Sarah

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